Friday, 25 February 2011

kites fest

As I promised on my last posting that I wanna talk about beach, hehe.. Alright, I love beach, yes I do.. I love that kinda attraction more than mountain or hill. I prefer warm places than cold one. And yea, I've been to many beaches but still my country has the most beautiful one so far, hehe.. *don't protest*
So, now I wanna show you some pics when I visited a beach in Jogjakarta and there was kites festival. Many huge and awesome kites were flied there. On that occasion, I wore a brown dress that I bought in Thailand last year with elephant pictures on it (yeaa.. Thailand is identical with elephant) and I combined it with blue jeans vest and black Fedora hat. Enjoy!

And now, welcome to color television aliens!! :P

*Pic by Sad-tian

Thursday, 24 February 2011

why do we like full-dress??

It's so hot outside recently, prolly about 30 degrees *not sure* and it really makes me wanna go to beach but it's also usually rain in the afternoon whatta weird weather *uugh*
But it's not a weird thing when people around me *include myself* wear sucha full-dress (jacket, trousers, and even gloves), yeahh.. u're right, we aren't in Alaska but why? It must be fukkin hot with full-dress on 30 degrees temperature!! It is.. but it's also a usual thing for us, why? there are some reasons for it:

  1. We afraid that our skin will become darker. Most of us ride motorbike so that we always touch by the sunlight every single day. And if we don't close all of our body properly, we will look like a zebra by stripes that will appear bcoz some parts of our body are light and the others are dark, we don't want our skin color isn't same. (if we want our skin has dark color evenly, we will just wear bikinis everywhere, hahahaa..). Plus, people (here) think that whiter is prettier.
  2. The sun is sooo hot, it makes our skin burnt. That's true, I often feel sick of the sunlight, u know, it makes our skin dry and pain if we touch by sunlight for so long. (but I still wonder how the coast guard can handle it? is it becoz the habit? or they have no choice? uumm..)
  3. To protect us from air pollution. Air pollution (fumes, fart, hihi..) isn't good for our respiration and it's also bad for our clothes? why?? it surely makes our clothes dirty, so our jacket protects the main clothes, for example, we wear uniform and outside the uniform we wear jacket, it's not becoz cold but just for protection of our uniform so that won't be dirty.
  4. To protect us from too much winds. For motorbikers, too much touched by winds aren't good for our health.
For me, the 1st reason isn't so important, I don't care whether I'm dark or light, the important thing is healthy skin, isn't it? So, I have an old picture of me in full-dress, I took this pic few years ago *before photochrome exist* when I rode from Solo *my city* to Jogjakarta *around 60 km* by motorbike.

But I like beach's heat more than city's heat *of course lah*
So, see you on the next posting about beach, hehe... *can't wait for summer*

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

r u kidding me??

Photographed by Alex Sarginson,

This is first look of Peter Pilotto Fall 2011, but u know what I'm wondering if there's a conversation between Peter and I, that could be like this :
Peter : hey alien.. would u like to wear my dress? I made it special for you.
Me : umm.. that's so sweet, but no thanks, I never think to be a nun.
Peter : ugh?? this is a chef costume.

Monday, 21 February 2011

the festival

a couple days ago, I went out with my beloved friends (well, I can say that we're girls gank *sounds so gay* and we also have our own name that's wog-wog girls, but nooo.. we aren't racist, wog-wog means stupid or silly in Javanese language, in conclusion we're just some stupid girls, lol.. *why are we just so proud of it*) to celebrate one of our member's b'day by having lunch together, and after that some of my them and I (just three of us) visited a yearly festival in my town, it's called Sekaten. It had been ages I didn't see this festival, it just brought me to my childhood memory by its traditional and old stuff.

those are saving boxes, yeahh.. that's right, saving boxes
my friends :)

this is another saving box, I think the kids won't save their money bcoz of their scary saving box, hihi

see, that's why high-heels aren't so popular here, I won't be able to walk on that sucha ground *sigh* and yeah, the plaid shirt creature is me

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Golden Globes' ideas

Golden Globes was held last month, I'm definitely not up-to-date at all, again *yikes* but still, I wanna discuss and share my opinions about it since there are some celebrities attracting my attention. So, made a list of the best dressed at the 2011 Golden Globes, there are 17 celebrities but I  wanna minimize it and show you my fave ones, who are they??

The 1st award goes too... Taraaa... Jesse Eisenberg! Congrats honey "J" <3
why do I choose him? bcoz he looked so cool, neat and handsome, perfect outfit, see by urself..

Jesse Eisenberg

The next one goes to Anne Hathaway, she always looks gorgeous and this sequins gown made her looked so shiny as a star (excuse me, she has already been a star anyway, duh!) and beautiful as usual.
Anne Hathaway

And then, we have Scarlett Johansson.. She's so pretty with her light-pink (I think it's light-pink or nude color, or wtv it is), but poorly I think she came to that event by riding motorbike, see how her hair was, or she stood up in front of a big fan for too much long time, guees what?? Don't worry Scarlett, I still love u, but nah.. I'm straight :P

Scarlett Johansson

And the last one is Dianna Agron, (who the hell is she??) Anyho, I'm not Glee's fan, sorry to say that I don't like that show, it's just...uummm... oohh.. weird.. it's just soo.. mmm.. kid! So, this is the 1st time I know Dianna, or even hear her name, am I too plebeian? hihi.. *I am* that's right, Dianna is Glee's actress.
She was wearing nude chiffon column, uuhh..but wait,  what did I say? nude? this color is nude? so, what was Scarlett gown's color?? oohh.. whatever!
But I like Dianna's style even I just know her, sorry girl, u just not that lucky (who's the celebrity anyway?), your hairstyle is sweet and so ur make up. :)

Dianna Argon

P.S : I found a cute blog, there are some lovely pics that it shows on that blog, check it

Friday, 18 February 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad :*

*big hug*
u know what, my parent's marriage was turning 26 years old yesterday, that's so sweet, I'm so proud to be their daughter, *yippie* I'm not too melodramatic, am I?? hihi.. It's okay for being melodramatic anyway, that's human nature (blahh..!! sorry for you who aren't human, I'm sure u also have your own kind of sense *wtf am I talking about*) --back to the land-- So, celebrating this occasion, my family and I had a dinner together on a foodcourt in a mall, well.. we rare eat outside except special occasion like this, why? bcoz they said it's wasting much money you have to think about many others important need (clothes, accessorries, shoes, underwear, hahhah..) and don't forget to do the charity. What a wise thing, huh? But sadly it doesn't change me into a better person yet *forgive me God, huhuhu*
Anyway, it's a long time for me and my family to have a dinner together like this, so in its rare occasion I wanted to dress up abit and I made some shots in my friend's boarding house before, but this is exactly what I wear yesterday, enjoy!

I love that clutch, simple one, my granny gave it to me, seems that kinda bag isn't suitable for her, xixixi..

I did some editing for this pic, since my friend took it with blitz and it wasn't so good, so I change it abit

*Pic by Sad-tian

P.S : After quite long time having twitter, I just got what twitter about and how it works by my sister. What the heck is twitter doing by having many sites to stay connected, why don't it just have a concept like facebook which has just one site to work the whole activities, but on twitter you should open to follow people, and to reply tweet and tweetpic or wtv it is to upload pics, damn.. it's so complicated, why do people keep use it and why do i?? LOL. Okay then, adios!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

what's on Night Falls?

sluurrpp.. *drinking my hot tea* damn, I have a sore throat, need a hot drinks.. but I'm okay, I just abit feel regret bcoz I couldn't Javanese traditional performance today, that must be a nice performance I missed bcoz of my sore throat.
When I opened Vouge's site this morning, I found an interesting article, that's about Night Falls' looks last Jan 31st (I know it's quite out-of-date, bcoz this is the 1st time I open this site, lame Ren) and they made a voting for the best looks that night. One look that I adore (perfect combination instead) and also a funny pic is the pic of Natalia Vodianova.

Ten Best Dressed — Natalia Vodianova
look at the guy behind her, wondering what kinda face is it? (surprise? mm.. can be, disgust? or *papparazi-don't-shoot-me*? or he's a vampire? *I avoid lights* or even Natalia's parfum was too strong? *wtf this smeel is? girls!!*) LOL *Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Etam,

my Valentines

Dear plutonian (for you who aren't plutonian, please step back :P),
I think Valentine is still on our topic recently, so I wanna share how my Valentine was, hehe.. Why do I wanna talk about it, bcoz it's different Valentine as before. I was just catching mosquitos and eating it for my Valentine's gift last year *sigh* hehe.. (actually I don't even remember how my Valentine last year was). But this year, I feel special bcoz I spent it with my Valentines those are my BFF. We didn't do something special or different one, we just went to karaoke and had a dinner in a fastfood restaurant (what a bad thing, but we rare to do this, this is bad habit, AWARE!!). But I feel much love from them, oh d@mn.. I'm starting to show my girly feeling again, ugh..
We failed to do our plan to make Black Valentine as our theme yesterday bcoz our stupidity and miscommunication, lol.. So here are our ordinary costumes, some of us wearing black but it's bcoz inadvertence factor, silly billy..

they are my Valentines

she treated us for our dinner, thanks sweetie, and for the chocolate too :-), the Valentine wouldn't  be complete without it

And this is our menu,rice, fried chicken, ice tea and yummy ijscream <3 (economy-priced package, hihi..)

P.S. : We sang Bee Gees' song How Deep Is Your Love until we almost die by its super high tones, hihi.. Anyways, there's also another great version by duet of Kelly Rowland and Michael Buble

*schönen valentinstag euch allen*

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

French Navy

My title this time is inspired by Camera Obscura's song, French Navy, one of my fav song. Seems that Valentine brings out my romance-girly-silly-felling *kawaii* hihihi... Sssshhh.. please.. please.. give me time to chatter momma!! uuuh.. yeaa, thanks! thats my momma!! :P
That song has not only a nice song but also sweet-romantic video, it makes me wanna travel to Paris indeed. Thats all.. haha..
Speaking of French, there's a lovely French band called Nouvelle Vague. They cover some punk songs into  bossa nova-style arrangements, like one of my favourite, Guns of Brixton originally by The Clash. Check this out!

Monday, 14 February 2011


aww.. I can't believe I start this blog at Valentine's day. Mmm.. yeaa.. no, I don't start it at February 23rd, so what's on Feb 23rd? may I keep it as my little secret?? thankies :-)
well, I should say Happy Valentine's Day to you all (especially the Plutonian, that's not my fault who makes u be the fartest one)... wish u have a nice Valetine's day and stay to share our loves to people around us. Valentine isn't only about with our boy/girlfriend but all people we love. Does it sound gay? yuck.. But anyway, we can't live without love, love of our parents, their love to us, the only one love without commitment. So, it would be nice in this day of love, we show our love to our parent first.
Btw, what would you celebrate ur Val's day? What will you wear for Val's day? It is not all about pink on Val's day, my friend's idea is wearing black costume, it will be called BLACK VALENTINE!! haha.. yea, what a perfect idea :P
So,here the mourners come... 

this what will happen if ur kid lack of nourishing, LOL
*Pic by Sad-tian


Alohaa... *dancing hula hula in a pouring rain*
uumm.. no!!! don't be wrong, i'm not hawaiian or plutonian, but that's a cute greeting to be the 1st word as my introduction :-) and oh yeaa.. I hope saturnian can understand it as well. Can u?? :P
So, yeah.. it's fascinating thing to share our ideas on a blog, but there's a bad thing that I'm not a diligent one, I hope I can keep this blog work properly (seems that a hard thing, pfff...)
Btw, what I wanna share on this blog is about many things actually but mostly I'll discuss about simple fashion. But, what is simple fashion about? uughh.. it's quite long story, so u'd be better to listen patiently. WHAT???? u don't want to?? get out now!! BUT put back my spoons now.. thank you. *calm*
Okay, the thieves are gone, lemme continue then, I live in east country which likes to wear sucha modest outfits. Some people think that we have to wear proper clothes or neat such as sleeved shirt and sleeved t-shirt especially in formal area like campuss. Clothes without sleeves or mini skirt can be considered as improper outfit, even in public area. (uumm... I should admit that I'm abit naughty, oohh... noo... i love mini skirt, actually it doesn't matter, no one will ask you to throw ur mini skirt, but it's about politeness criteria in our culture. So, it will be abit weird to wear sucha improper clothes or shocking style). But, come on... we're teenagers who like to dress up, so what's the solution?? taraaa... I'm sure we have lots of ideas to wear limited kinds of clothes but still will be interesting. So, why don't we just share and discuss it.
I wish u and the neptunian, venusian, marsian, all creatures over the galaxy would enjoy this blog. Cao! Kawaii... :-O