Friday, 3 June 2011

Mangkunegaran Performing Art

In the same day on my friend's b'day celebration, there was an art performance called Mangkunegaran Performing Art. Mangkunegaran is a castle in my city. It is a historical place which has cultural heritage included traditional dances, traditional music and instruments. I'm learning both of traditional dances and instruments, thats why I really interested on this performance and it was a really nice performance anyway. This is a yearly event and this year, the performance was held for two days on 20-21 May, 2011. Since the performance was in an old building, we (my friends and I) didnt want to waste the opportunity to take pics like we always do everywhere, lol.

this dance called Gambyong Pareanom Mangkunegaran, one of my fav one :D

and this one is Srimpi Pandelori, it's the hardest one for me to learn at the moment

and here we are in action girls!! duh..

this scary character is one of the dancers which play a mean character as it looks

So yea, I ended that day with satisfaction. Great performance, great friends, great pictures, whatta a perfect day! It just reminds us to support our cultural heritage for our children and grandchildren so it wont be just the part of history. Hope I can see this performance again next year, or even be part of it? who knows? :D

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