Wednesday, 16 March 2011

personal taste

ahamm.. I'm a big fan of Korean dramas and movies, why so? most of them are funny, romantic and they also have handsome actors, hahaha.. therefore, I'm so interested on anything about Korea especially South Korea, from its foods, fashion style, people, culture, and so on. And now, I'm going to discuss about one of Korean dramas called Personal Taste, it's a super funny drama and one other special thing is the outfits of the actor and actresses are fashionable.

got inspirations while watching it

Saturday, 12 March 2011

song of the day

I'm in a mellow way today, this song is just stuck in my head, it helps me relax from exhausting training, ooohh... I haven't told ya, I'm in job training for making final project report before my graduation for a month in a hotel as receptionist, hard and boring job, but the people are fun. I'll show you my work outfits, very formal one, hihi... I feel like a boss :P
*back to the video* Eventho it's not their real video, but it's a lovely one, hope can inspire u too and take u to superb fantasy. Seems that the soundtrack isn't as good as the movie, so at least it can decrease the disappointment of the fans.

Anyways, I feel so sorry about the tsunami in Japan, I have some nice Japanese friends who live here, but I dunno how their family or relatives are, hope they will be fine. *praying*

Thursday, 10 March 2011

batik's day part III

ahahaha..the stories haven't finished, i've told ya.. there are many stories in a whole day. So, whats next? I met my friends (wog-wog girls) after I walked around Batik district. We had lunch in a traditional restaurant and took some photos before we decided to go around a palace in my town. Enjoooyyyy...

power puff girls :P

*Pic by Sad-tian
Yak.. this is the end of this story, thanks for watching :P

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

batik's day part II

mm..yeaa.. I make the 2nd part of batik's day, since I made many pics in a day, with the same costume but various stories which was happened :)
so, from the very beginning, I started the photo session in an area which is most of the people who lives there are Batik crafters since long long time ago, called Kampung Batik Laweyan. That area isn't only an area who produces Batik but also a historical region that has many old buildings *I adore old buildings and old stuff*. Besides of those things, there are also some unique things that I loved such as *very* small aisles (don't even expect for two motorbikes can pass it by together) and most of the houses have their own Batik's boutique *awesome*. Surprisingly, I found a Batik's boutique (even I didn't have a plan to buy something) in an old building (I felt like in a time machine and it took me to 70's-80's), plus there's a fish therapy, where u can put ur feet in a pond and the fishes will eat ur dry or dead skin so that ur skin will be smooth and clean *so amused when the fishes touched ur feet, hihi..* and it was soooo much fun! I wanna do that again next time, it's so cheap tho! huraah...!!!

When I was there, I met some girls who were so shy when my friend took some photographs of them *opposite of me* and they even hid their faces when my friend tried to photograph them, hihihi..but at the end, they want to show their faces and my friend did some candid photo :P

*Pic by Sad-tian

bye kids, hope to meet you again in the future, sayonara... :D

Saturday, 5 March 2011

batik's day part I

*Pic by Sad-tian

g'day mate!
the creature on those pics aren't turkey nor monkey (at least at noon, hihi..) those are me wearing purple batik blouse, blue jeans and the last ones I combine it with dark grey stripes blazer. Have u ever heard about batik? it's kinda traditional material and pattern from Indonesia, I cant explain more, just google it, but one on my blouse is just batik pattern I guess. That's an interesting one, I got it on my mom's closet *again* and that chiffon blouse is quite suitable to wear in a sunny day, even the weather went crazy which was changing into cloudy in the afternoon.
Oh ya, another thing, the brown bag, it's also has batik pattern on it and vintage design. The same concept of color I have on my slippers, I like this kinda shoes since it's a simple one, especially in my country, when u want to come inside someone's house, u should take off ur shoes. One last thing, I wear black ribbon belt and ethnic bracelets from ropes and woods. Hope u like it fellas! xo

Friday, 4 March 2011

they are umm... ANGELS :(

why did I put :( *sad sign* on my title? well.. it's kinda sad thing to share, but it's just so lovely..
okay, I'll tell you from the very beginning, few months ago, around Sept I guess, my friends and I (my girls gank, wog-wog girls) became a volunteer for an orphanage. We were not busy that time, so every Saturday morning from around 9 until 12 (this isn't an exact time, since we just came when we have much spare time). But recently we didn't go there since most of us do the job training for making final report project for the last assignment before our graduation. The kids on the orphanage are under 5 years old, they are sooooo cute and funny, some of them are naughty but I can understand that, it makes me cry when I remember them, thats why I write about this thing, I MISS THEM SO MUCH :((
What I did in the orphanage usually to accompany them playing around, teaching them to draw and sing, not much thing actually. I even not so close to them, but I love kids so much, so seeing them just an amazing thing for me.
As u can imagine how the living in the orphanage is, eventho they are happy but there must be something lack of it, so this time I just want to say just enjoy, thankful, and respect for living with ur parents since there are many people who haven't parents and that NOT easy, I believe so. 
One thing that you should know kids, I love u so much !! <3

Actually, there are still many of them, but I just took some pics :) miss'em. xo

Thursday, 3 March 2011

song of the day

I checked on my playlist and I opened my OST folder, I saved the OST from many different movies in a folder and I found an old song as the soundtrack of Dawson's Creek. Very old series when I was a kid, and it was played on TV at around 10.00 pm here, so I rare to watch it but I dunno why I love romance movies since kid, hehe.. But see, Katie Holmes is a one of greatest fashionista and for her own daughter.
So, this is the only one video I found from youtube, but the voice of the singer on my mp3 is abit different from this one, I dunno it's bcoz the shitty video or what, but for waking up your memory, just check it out :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

happy birthday myself ^_^

huraayy.. I just turned into 21, but it doesn't really matter at all, I still feel like 17, haha.. this is what people say when they feel that they're old.

So, what's special on my b'day? well, as people usually get, some congratulations, but even it's a usual thing, I feel so special bcoz they were so care and love me. Thanks alot again guys, I DO LOVE U TOO :)
ooh.. it's sentimental thing *girls!!* but what makes u dont feel the same when u realize that there are many people really care and love you? I dont say that many people love me, I'm not as popular as Bieber (why should Bieber? ugh..) but it feels so special especially when u live in a jungle *like me*, when it's rare to meet human, when only zebras, elephants, monkeys and even gorilla who say happy b'day to u for ur entire life. pheew.. *based on true story*

And again, my Japanese friends made a Japanese foods night to celebrate it, since our other friend also had a b'day a day before mine, that was the 1st Sake for me, oishi!! :P

So yep, birthday makes u to show ur happy feelings, and that's what I felt, my friend has that unique glasses and I combine it with my DIY t-shirt (remember my French tees? on my old posting French Navy, I got an idea to make that boring tees into a cool one *at least that what I think* and I cut the sleeves and made a heart shape on the back *kawaii*) and then blue tank top, red tights and my favourite oxford shoes. It really colourful as colourful as my day was. Let's party!!