Friday, 27 May 2011

black or white?

People say that black and white are neutral colours which can combine to any other colours easily. And now, I combine both of neutral colours with red belt as the center of attention. These are collared shirt, black and white polkadot skirt with leaves fly away on it and flat shoes!! I agree that flat shoes are never ending shoes, it's well-matched in many kinds of looks. And red umbrella makes it perfect. 

Pics by Setian

behind the scene

so yea.. I wasn't alone on the photo session for this costume, I was with my bodyguards, haha.. jokin, I was with my best friends ever. Well, we guard each other both of heart and body (wtf am i talking about? I'm terrible in poetic). So, these pics arent about being pretty, but for being fun. We didn't care what we look like on the camera, mostly were stupid faces, but we really enjoyed who we were. And thats the point, being happy isn't only having a wonderful shoes or alotta money, but enjoying life for being who we are.

these poses are about sensual poses but the result is failed!!!
Pics by Setian


Saturday, 21 May 2011

new header

I change my header, hurraay..!! doesn't it sound good for u? so u won't see my stupid face on the top of the blog every time u open this blog, lol.. Just some simple reasons for me to change it:

  1. I won't be too narcissistic. Pics of me on my posts are nauseate enough, lol.. So, I wont my readers run when they see the header with pic of me before they see the posts, haha.. 
  2. I want to refresh my blog. It was kinda boring by sucha header, maybe, hehe..
  3. My newest header flies my imagination away. Don't u feel like u're in a freedom land where u can do and imagine something that impossible to do when u see this pic? well, I do..
Anyways, maybe I'll change my header again, this is not the final decision for my header, I think I need something to be my identity, something unique like logo or something, but so far.. I satisfies on this header, I feel like I'm flying by these kites :) hope u can also fly with me to imaginary fashion land :DD


devishot part 1

noo.. it's not read literally devishot or devi-shot or de vishot or d evishot (wtf does it mean?) but it's dev is hot, bup! true.. this is an official web of Devin Star Tailes or Dev, on It isn't a strange name lately, since the booming song "Like a G6" by Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs and Dev. She attracts me by her stunning styles from her videos and true, she's hot!

From this video, I'm so adore her sunglasses, oohh... whatta cool one!

the next song is what i listen to recently, yeah.. bass down low. I bet, she's definitely the center of attention in every clubs :P
her cat-eye sunglasses are stunning, I'm so adore it
cropped-lace corset, whatta briliant idea
maybe u can't see it clearly, but Dev's wearing green fur earing, brilliant! 
I also found two versions of Bass Down Low videos. The 1st one is the newest one which I call "clean" video. And the 2nd one is the video which was uploaded a year ago by The Cataracs, eventho it kinds of lip-sync video and wasn't a good quality, but it's a funny one, indeed! Check both of it and see the differences :DDD

this is the newest version

and this one the old version

Sources: Google and Youtube

devishot part 2

The last but not least, Dev sings featuring herself, which means alone, her solo video, eventho The Cataracs also on her video, but Dev sings alone. The weird thing of this song that she sings the same lyrics and music as Like A G6's song, remember this one "Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, when we drink we do it right, bla bla bla.. I wonder why she sings that part to her own song. Are u curious about it? Are u in hurry to know the reason? Lemme text her then and I'll tell u soon :P *acting like I was her childhood friend and know her number* 

I can say that she's great in sporty, girly or even boyish look. Like the sequins dress she wears, it looks glamour.

This look is adorable, cropped tees and the accessories look awesome, but the sunglasses in the winner!
The chains on her shoulder inspires me to put the same thing on the plain tees
Sources : Google and Youtube

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

back to the earth

oohh.. geez!! I didn't run away, I swear!! but yeaa.. I know, I didn't show myself and my nose here for ages :P

I really miss to write here, but I'm kinda busy and very stressful thinking my final project report. :(( and attacking mars, haha..
well, actually there are much time to write but my obligation to write the final project report as the requirement in obtaining my degree makes me burdened, pheeww... I think i'm going crazy if I don't refresh my mind, ugh!
but hey, don't be panic, i'm still normal, i am.. well, at least thats what i think and my mum thinks, haha.. i can guarantee that u're reading a blog from a normal person...umm, sorry, I mean from an alien (I swear, I'm normal!! :)
being tomboy and cool chick at the same time is what I bring this time. I mixed my stripes tees, mini denim skirt, animal print tights and of course my boots which can fold and there's red and white stripes inside. I think it's a cute rebel style which is matched with artistic side of graffiti, yum!

Pics by Setian

ooopsssiee.. once more

did I act perfectly? :PPP