Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a long holiday :))

hows your holiday so far? a long holiday, eh? summer.. a new semester and celebrate Ied Mubarak, big day for Muslim. It's quite big celebration since I live in a country which most of people are Muslim, so  Happy Ied Mubarak for you who celebrate it :)
So, I just went to a chocolate and bistro cafe in my little city with my friends and my sister with my orange cardigan, white plain tees, brown belt, and floral skirt, oh one more thing, my nails are orange too, yummy :)

So, we decided to choose several foods like spaghetti bolognaise, riceball, and other fried food, I cant remember what it is. And for drink, we had apple juice and hot chocolate, and these are perfect.  

And finally I'm full, see.. great foods are the best thing to have on holiday, so, culinary travelling can be a choice to do on your holiday, happy holiday, happy meals, happy outfit, happy travelling and happy life :))

Missen Ren

Monday, 8 August 2011

great quotation

today, I just open my profile on Independent Fashion Blogger after had been ages I didnt open it :P. So, what I got from that site is a great inspirational quotation by ashemischief who said 


what a genius idea. Because some of us are just thinking about high traffic of our blog, yes, everyone needs to be listened. I want people to read or listen what I say, but sometimes we just can't find the best way to show it. 
And my fav sentence is " So why be jealous that a blogger has an amazing shoe collection and you don’t?  You may not see the hours she works to pay for those, the mountain of credit card debt she’s hiding from, or the loss in her life that led to shopping as an emotional crutch." be honest, it's pretty funny, but then I think, well..  should I enslave myself to get a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?? well, probably not, a pair of shoes from local brands are enough for me, but I won't reject if there's anyone who want to give me Jimmy Choo shoes for free, hahaha..
So, in overall, I just will staying thankful for all that I've got even for torn denim jacket, because fashion is for free. Thanks Ashe


Saturday, 6 August 2011

summer bloom

whoaaaaahhh... its been ages since I was in Earth, I only miss 2 things here, first is my blog and second one is oxygen. I'm kinda sick of discogen in Mars, its polluted. Anyway, I really feel like a bird now, free from the biggest and the most important responsibility that I had fight on before, that is my Final Project report. Luckily I've passed through of it well (I'm still wondering, did the examiners make a mistake? lol), of course with helps by my friends who are really nice by helping me understand this human language (thank you very much Mas Xin and Mas Phil). It makes me realize that people in Mars really need to learn human language instead of apes' language like I did, kukukakak...auwoooo...
Before the exam, I couldn't enjoy the summer, what I thought about was only about my report. It really made me stressed. But now, I can enjoy the summer even with the simplest thing by walking around the park, reading the book in the grass and feel the sunshine, this is what I called a LIFE!!

what I wear this summer is flower vintage dress from my mom's closet, it was used to be hers with kinda ethnic leather bag. Don't you thing that the flowers show how happy and free I am? It is.. The V shape on the back is not only cute but also give a way for me to feel the sunlight to my skin. Ooohh.. I just wanna lay on the ground all day and relax. I also wear an envelope ring, the bracelets which are fits with the colors of the dress, layers earring and green ribbon, oohh.. seems like a village girl :P. So, how about ur summer???? 

Pics by Zee Cris