Monday, 8 August 2011

great quotation

today, I just open my profile on Independent Fashion Blogger after had been ages I didnt open it :P. So, what I got from that site is a great inspirational quotation by ashemischief who said 


what a genius idea. Because some of us are just thinking about high traffic of our blog, yes, everyone needs to be listened. I want people to read or listen what I say, but sometimes we just can't find the best way to show it. 
And my fav sentence is " So why be jealous that a blogger has an amazing shoe collection and you don’t?  You may not see the hours she works to pay for those, the mountain of credit card debt she’s hiding from, or the loss in her life that led to shopping as an emotional crutch." be honest, it's pretty funny, but then I think, well..  should I enslave myself to get a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?? well, probably not, a pair of shoes from local brands are enough for me, but I won't reject if there's anyone who want to give me Jimmy Choo shoes for free, hahaha..
So, in overall, I just will staying thankful for all that I've got even for torn denim jacket, because fashion is for free. Thanks Ashe


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