Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a long holiday :))

hows your holiday so far? a long holiday, eh? summer.. a new semester and celebrate Ied Mubarak, big day for Muslim. It's quite big celebration since I live in a country which most of people are Muslim, so  Happy Ied Mubarak for you who celebrate it :)
So, I just went to a chocolate and bistro cafe in my little city with my friends and my sister with my orange cardigan, white plain tees, brown belt, and floral skirt, oh one more thing, my nails are orange too, yummy :)

So, we decided to choose several foods like spaghetti bolognaise, riceball, and other fried food, I cant remember what it is. And for drink, we had apple juice and hot chocolate, and these are perfect.  

And finally I'm full, see.. great foods are the best thing to have on holiday, so, culinary travelling can be a choice to do on your holiday, happy holiday, happy meals, happy outfit, happy travelling and happy life :))

Missen Ren

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