Tuesday, 6 September 2011

runnin' away

holiday is identical with travelling, thats why i use this chance to run away from home and travel around to refresh my brain. There are plenty kinds of transportation, and train is one of them. I dunno why, but I like to travel by train, I like to wait the train in the railway station, I like the sound of it, and the rail as well. Maybe, its bcoz that this kinda transportation isnt available in my home planet, what I see is just flying vehicles (its me, again, fantasizing :P)

back to the outfit, so, what you've got for your holiday? especially the right and comfy costume for your trips. I have my own way to keep stylish but not too much for having a trip.
1st, I will avoid complicated ones, like heels or killer mini skirt. So, I chose to wear a black and white strips dress made by cotton so it can absorb the sweat. And light grey cardigan is a neutral one which can match with other costumes.
2nd, big but not a heavy one. I brought a fabric bag which is quite light and big.
3rd, sunglasses is a must.
4th, flat shoes. My black oxford shoes is my choice bcoz its pretty simple and fashionable for sure :)

Pics by Setian

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