Saturday, 21 May 2011

new header

I change my header, hurraay..!! doesn't it sound good for u? so u won't see my stupid face on the top of the blog every time u open this blog, lol.. Just some simple reasons for me to change it:

  1. I won't be too narcissistic. Pics of me on my posts are nauseate enough, lol.. So, I wont my readers run when they see the header with pic of me before they see the posts, haha.. 
  2. I want to refresh my blog. It was kinda boring by sucha header, maybe, hehe..
  3. My newest header flies my imagination away. Don't u feel like u're in a freedom land where u can do and imagine something that impossible to do when u see this pic? well, I do..
Anyways, maybe I'll change my header again, this is not the final decision for my header, I think I need something to be my identity, something unique like logo or something, but so far.. I satisfies on this header, I feel like I'm flying by these kites :) hope u can also fly with me to imaginary fashion land :DD


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