Wednesday, 11 May 2011

back to the earth

oohh.. geez!! I didn't run away, I swear!! but yeaa.. I know, I didn't show myself and my nose here for ages :P

I really miss to write here, but I'm kinda busy and very stressful thinking my final project report. :(( and attacking mars, haha..
well, actually there are much time to write but my obligation to write the final project report as the requirement in obtaining my degree makes me burdened, pheeww... I think i'm going crazy if I don't refresh my mind, ugh!
but hey, don't be panic, i'm still normal, i am.. well, at least thats what i think and my mum thinks, haha.. i can guarantee that u're reading a blog from a normal person...umm, sorry, I mean from an alien (I swear, I'm normal!! :)
being tomboy and cool chick at the same time is what I bring this time. I mixed my stripes tees, mini denim skirt, animal print tights and of course my boots which can fold and there's red and white stripes inside. I think it's a cute rebel style which is matched with artistic side of graffiti, yum!

Pics by Setian

ooopsssiee.. once more

did I act perfectly? :PPP


  1. Hello! I think I may actually own the same leggings as you! they are super cute either way. I like the photos with the gas mask :)

  2. Very laid-back outfit. Very cute.

    And thank you for taking the time to post your blog link in the blog lookout group I created in IFB. I appreciate your time. I followed you!

    Mucho love.

  3. @Lydia : haha.. nice, we should wear it together at the same time :D
    @Michelle : anytime darl, I'll definitely follow urs too



big hug for ur comments :-)