Friday, 4 March 2011

they are umm... ANGELS :(

why did I put :( *sad sign* on my title? well.. it's kinda sad thing to share, but it's just so lovely..
okay, I'll tell you from the very beginning, few months ago, around Sept I guess, my friends and I (my girls gank, wog-wog girls) became a volunteer for an orphanage. We were not busy that time, so every Saturday morning from around 9 until 12 (this isn't an exact time, since we just came when we have much spare time). But recently we didn't go there since most of us do the job training for making final report project for the last assignment before our graduation. The kids on the orphanage are under 5 years old, they are sooooo cute and funny, some of them are naughty but I can understand that, it makes me cry when I remember them, thats why I write about this thing, I MISS THEM SO MUCH :((
What I did in the orphanage usually to accompany them playing around, teaching them to draw and sing, not much thing actually. I even not so close to them, but I love kids so much, so seeing them just an amazing thing for me.
As u can imagine how the living in the orphanage is, eventho they are happy but there must be something lack of it, so this time I just want to say just enjoy, thankful, and respect for living with ur parents since there are many people who haven't parents and that NOT easy, I believe so. 
One thing that you should know kids, I love u so much !! <3

Actually, there are still many of them, but I just took some pics :) miss'em. xo

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