Saturday, 12 March 2011

song of the day

I'm in a mellow way today, this song is just stuck in my head, it helps me relax from exhausting training, ooohh... I haven't told ya, I'm in job training for making final project report before my graduation for a month in a hotel as receptionist, hard and boring job, but the people are fun. I'll show you my work outfits, very formal one, hihi... I feel like a boss :P
*back to the video* Eventho it's not their real video, but it's a lovely one, hope can inspire u too and take u to superb fantasy. Seems that the soundtrack isn't as good as the movie, so at least it can decrease the disappointment of the fans.

Anyways, I feel so sorry about the tsunami in Japan, I have some nice Japanese friends who live here, but I dunno how their family or relatives are, hope they will be fine. *praying*

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