Tuesday, 1 March 2011

happy birthday myself ^_^

huraayy.. I just turned into 21, but it doesn't really matter at all, I still feel like 17, haha.. this is what people say when they feel that they're old.

So, what's special on my b'day? well, as people usually get, some congratulations, but even it's a usual thing, I feel so special bcoz they were so care and love me. Thanks alot again guys, I DO LOVE U TOO :)
ooh.. it's sentimental thing *girls!!* but what makes u dont feel the same when u realize that there are many people really care and love you? I dont say that many people love me, I'm not as popular as Bieber (why should Bieber? ugh..) but it feels so special especially when u live in a jungle *like me*, when it's rare to meet human, when only zebras, elephants, monkeys and even gorilla who say happy b'day to u for ur entire life. pheew.. *based on true story*

And again, my Japanese friends made a Japanese foods night to celebrate it, since our other friend also had a b'day a day before mine, that was the 1st Sake for me, oishi!! :P

So yep, birthday makes u to show ur happy feelings, and that's what I felt, my friend has that unique glasses and I combine it with my DIY t-shirt (remember my French tees? on my old posting French Navy, I got an idea to make that boring tees into a cool one *at least that what I think* and I cut the sleeves and made a heart shape on the back *kawaii*) and then blue tank top, red tights and my favourite oxford shoes. It really colourful as colourful as my day was. Let's party!!

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