Tuesday, 15 February 2011

French Navy

My title this time is inspired by Camera Obscura's song, French Navy, one of my fav song. Seems that Valentine brings out my romance-girly-silly-felling *kawaii* hihihi... Sssshhh.. please.. please.. give me time to chatter momma!! uuuh.. yeaa, thanks! thats my momma!! :P
That song has not only a nice song but also sweet-romantic video, it makes me wanna travel to Paris indeed. Thats all.. haha..
Speaking of French, there's a lovely French band called Nouvelle Vague. They cover some punk songs into  bossa nova-style arrangements, like one of my favourite, Guns of Brixton originally by The Clash. Check this out!

Back to earth peepz!!

hmm.. okie, welcome back.. that isn't my main topic anyway, but France took my heart to pay attention this time. Friend of mine is an Indonesian who lives in France, and she came back to Indonesia for travelling with her two cutest daughter ever and stayed at my house for several days. And then she bought *thanks thanks* an oversized France tee for me when she was shopping to one of shopping centre in my area. The funny thing is France Eifel written on it, Eifel with single "f" hihi.. But I like it anyhow. What I suppose to do is to modify this tee, bcoz I'm kinda bored of its design. My idea so far is to cut its sleeves but I'm still confused to decide what kinda shape it will be. Any idea??
I used my mom's bag, I dunno how to describe it in detail, a good companion on campuss

I love the detail on my tight, seems like animal print, raawwrr.. :P
I took these pics on a fortress, Vredeburg, Jogjakarta

*Pic by Sad-tian

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