Wednesday, 16 February 2011

my Valentines

Dear plutonian (for you who aren't plutonian, please step back :P),
I think Valentine is still on our topic recently, so I wanna share how my Valentine was, hehe.. Why do I wanna talk about it, bcoz it's different Valentine as before. I was just catching mosquitos and eating it for my Valentine's gift last year *sigh* hehe.. (actually I don't even remember how my Valentine last year was). But this year, I feel special bcoz I spent it with my Valentines those are my BFF. We didn't do something special or different one, we just went to karaoke and had a dinner in a fastfood restaurant (what a bad thing, but we rare to do this, this is bad habit, AWARE!!). But I feel much love from them, oh d@mn.. I'm starting to show my girly feeling again, ugh..
We failed to do our plan to make Black Valentine as our theme yesterday bcoz our stupidity and miscommunication, lol.. So here are our ordinary costumes, some of us wearing black but it's bcoz inadvertence factor, silly billy..

they are my Valentines

she treated us for our dinner, thanks sweetie, and for the chocolate too :-), the Valentine wouldn't  be complete without it

And this is our menu,rice, fried chicken, ice tea and yummy ijscream <3 (economy-priced package, hihi..)

P.S. : We sang Bee Gees' song How Deep Is Your Love until we almost die by its super high tones, hihi.. Anyways, there's also another great version by duet of Kelly Rowland and Michael Buble

*schönen valentinstag euch allen*

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