Wednesday, 16 February 2011

what's on Night Falls?

sluurrpp.. *drinking my hot tea* damn, I have a sore throat, need a hot drinks.. but I'm okay, I just abit feel regret bcoz I couldn't Javanese traditional performance today, that must be a nice performance I missed bcoz of my sore throat.
When I opened Vouge's site this morning, I found an interesting article, that's about Night Falls' looks last Jan 31st (I know it's quite out-of-date, bcoz this is the 1st time I open this site, lame Ren) and they made a voting for the best looks that night. One look that I adore (perfect combination instead) and also a funny pic is the pic of Natalia Vodianova.

Ten Best Dressed — Natalia Vodianova
look at the guy behind her, wondering what kinda face is it? (surprise? mm.. can be, disgust? or *papparazi-don't-shoot-me*? or he's a vampire? *I avoid lights* or even Natalia's parfum was too strong? *wtf this smeel is? girls!!*) LOL *Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Etam,


  1. I am sure the guy was trying to get away from the photographer. Love Natalias outfit!

  2. haha.. yea, can be, I should definitely ask him for sure.
    I'm enjoying ur blog, keep posting!


big hug for ur comments :-)