Monday, 14 February 2011


Alohaa... *dancing hula hula in a pouring rain*
uumm.. no!!! don't be wrong, i'm not hawaiian or plutonian, but that's a cute greeting to be the 1st word as my introduction :-) and oh yeaa.. I hope saturnian can understand it as well. Can u?? :P
So, yeah.. it's fascinating thing to share our ideas on a blog, but there's a bad thing that I'm not a diligent one, I hope I can keep this blog work properly (seems that a hard thing, pfff...)
Btw, what I wanna share on this blog is about many things actually but mostly I'll discuss about simple fashion. But, what is simple fashion about? uughh.. it's quite long story, so u'd be better to listen patiently. WHAT???? u don't want to?? get out now!! BUT put back my spoons now.. thank you. *calm*
Okay, the thieves are gone, lemme continue then, I live in east country which likes to wear sucha modest outfits. Some people think that we have to wear proper clothes or neat such as sleeved shirt and sleeved t-shirt especially in formal area like campuss. Clothes without sleeves or mini skirt can be considered as improper outfit, even in public area. (uumm... I should admit that I'm abit naughty, oohh... noo... i love mini skirt, actually it doesn't matter, no one will ask you to throw ur mini skirt, but it's about politeness criteria in our culture. So, it will be abit weird to wear sucha improper clothes or shocking style). But, come on... we're teenagers who like to dress up, so what's the solution?? taraaa... I'm sure we have lots of ideas to wear limited kinds of clothes but still will be interesting. So, why don't we just share and discuss it.
I wish u and the neptunian, venusian, marsian, all creatures over the galaxy would enjoy this blog. Cao! Kawaii... :-O

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