Monday, 21 February 2011

the festival

a couple days ago, I went out with my beloved friends (well, I can say that we're girls gank *sounds so gay* and we also have our own name that's wog-wog girls, but nooo.. we aren't racist, wog-wog means stupid or silly in Javanese language, in conclusion we're just some stupid girls, lol.. *why are we just so proud of it*) to celebrate one of our member's b'day by having lunch together, and after that some of my them and I (just three of us) visited a yearly festival in my town, it's called Sekaten. It had been ages I didn't see this festival, it just brought me to my childhood memory by its traditional and old stuff.

those are saving boxes, yeahh.. that's right, saving boxes
my friends :)

this is another saving box, I think the kids won't save their money bcoz of their scary saving box, hihi

see, that's why high-heels aren't so popular here, I won't be able to walk on that sucha ground *sigh* and yeah, the plaid shirt creature is me

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