Monday, 14 February 2011


aww.. I can't believe I start this blog at Valentine's day. Mmm.. yeaa.. no, I don't start it at February 23rd, so what's on Feb 23rd? may I keep it as my little secret?? thankies :-)
well, I should say Happy Valentine's Day to you all (especially the Plutonian, that's not my fault who makes u be the fartest one)... wish u have a nice Valetine's day and stay to share our loves to people around us. Valentine isn't only about with our boy/girlfriend but all people we love. Does it sound gay? yuck.. But anyway, we can't live without love, love of our parents, their love to us, the only one love without commitment. So, it would be nice in this day of love, we show our love to our parent first.
Btw, what would you celebrate ur Val's day? What will you wear for Val's day? It is not all about pink on Val's day, my friend's idea is wearing black costume, it will be called BLACK VALENTINE!! haha.. yea, what a perfect idea :P
So,here the mourners come... 

this what will happen if ur kid lack of nourishing, LOL
*Pic by Sad-tian

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