Thursday, 24 February 2011

why do we like full-dress??

It's so hot outside recently, prolly about 30 degrees *not sure* and it really makes me wanna go to beach but it's also usually rain in the afternoon whatta weird weather *uugh*
But it's not a weird thing when people around me *include myself* wear sucha full-dress (jacket, trousers, and even gloves), yeahh.. u're right, we aren't in Alaska but why? It must be fukkin hot with full-dress on 30 degrees temperature!! It is.. but it's also a usual thing for us, why? there are some reasons for it:

  1. We afraid that our skin will become darker. Most of us ride motorbike so that we always touch by the sunlight every single day. And if we don't close all of our body properly, we will look like a zebra by stripes that will appear bcoz some parts of our body are light and the others are dark, we don't want our skin color isn't same. (if we want our skin has dark color evenly, we will just wear bikinis everywhere, hahahaa..). Plus, people (here) think that whiter is prettier.
  2. The sun is sooo hot, it makes our skin burnt. That's true, I often feel sick of the sunlight, u know, it makes our skin dry and pain if we touch by sunlight for so long. (but I still wonder how the coast guard can handle it? is it becoz the habit? or they have no choice? uumm..)
  3. To protect us from air pollution. Air pollution (fumes, fart, hihi..) isn't good for our respiration and it's also bad for our clothes? why?? it surely makes our clothes dirty, so our jacket protects the main clothes, for example, we wear uniform and outside the uniform we wear jacket, it's not becoz cold but just for protection of our uniform so that won't be dirty.
  4. To protect us from too much winds. For motorbikers, too much touched by winds aren't good for our health.
For me, the 1st reason isn't so important, I don't care whether I'm dark or light, the important thing is healthy skin, isn't it? So, I have an old picture of me in full-dress, I took this pic few years ago *before photochrome exist* when I rode from Solo *my city* to Jogjakarta *around 60 km* by motorbike.

But I like beach's heat more than city's heat *of course lah*
So, see you on the next posting about beach, hehe... *can't wait for summer*

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