Saturday, 19 February 2011

Golden Globes' ideas

Golden Globes was held last month, I'm definitely not up-to-date at all, again *yikes* but still, I wanna discuss and share my opinions about it since there are some celebrities attracting my attention. So, made a list of the best dressed at the 2011 Golden Globes, there are 17 celebrities but I  wanna minimize it and show you my fave ones, who are they??

The 1st award goes too... Taraaa... Jesse Eisenberg! Congrats honey "J" <3
why do I choose him? bcoz he looked so cool, neat and handsome, perfect outfit, see by urself..

Jesse Eisenberg

The next one goes to Anne Hathaway, she always looks gorgeous and this sequins gown made her looked so shiny as a star (excuse me, she has already been a star anyway, duh!) and beautiful as usual.
Anne Hathaway

And then, we have Scarlett Johansson.. She's so pretty with her light-pink (I think it's light-pink or nude color, or wtv it is), but poorly I think she came to that event by riding motorbike, see how her hair was, or she stood up in front of a big fan for too much long time, guees what?? Don't worry Scarlett, I still love u, but nah.. I'm straight :P

Scarlett Johansson

And the last one is Dianna Agron, (who the hell is she??) Anyho, I'm not Glee's fan, sorry to say that I don't like that show, it's just...uummm... oohh.. weird.. it's just soo.. mmm.. kid! So, this is the 1st time I know Dianna, or even hear her name, am I too plebeian? hihi.. *I am* that's right, Dianna is Glee's actress.
She was wearing nude chiffon column, uuhh..but wait,  what did I say? nude? this color is nude? so, what was Scarlett gown's color?? oohh.. whatever!
But I like Dianna's style even I just know her, sorry girl, u just not that lucky (who's the celebrity anyway?), your hairstyle is sweet and so ur make up. :)

Dianna Argon

P.S : I found a cute blog, there are some lovely pics that it shows on that blog, check it

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  1. Haha! Scarlett. Indeed. Her hair: DRAMAAAA!


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