Friday, 18 February 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad :*

*big hug*
u know what, my parent's marriage was turning 26 years old yesterday, that's so sweet, I'm so proud to be their daughter, *yippie* I'm not too melodramatic, am I?? hihi.. It's okay for being melodramatic anyway, that's human nature (blahh..!! sorry for you who aren't human, I'm sure u also have your own kind of sense *wtf am I talking about*) --back to the land-- So, celebrating this occasion, my family and I had a dinner together on a foodcourt in a mall, well.. we rare eat outside except special occasion like this, why? bcoz they said it's wasting much money you have to think about many others important need (clothes, accessorries, shoes, underwear, hahhah..) and don't forget to do the charity. What a wise thing, huh? But sadly it doesn't change me into a better person yet *forgive me God, huhuhu*
Anyway, it's a long time for me and my family to have a dinner together like this, so in its rare occasion I wanted to dress up abit and I made some shots in my friend's boarding house before, but this is exactly what I wear yesterday, enjoy!

I love that clutch, simple one, my granny gave it to me, seems that kinda bag isn't suitable for her, xixixi..

I did some editing for this pic, since my friend took it with blitz and it wasn't so good, so I change it abit

*Pic by Sad-tian

P.S : After quite long time having twitter, I just got what twitter about and how it works by my sister. What the heck is twitter doing by having many sites to stay connected, why don't it just have a concept like facebook which has just one site to work the whole activities, but on twitter you should open to follow people, and to reply tweet and tweetpic or wtv it is to upload pics, damn.. it's so complicated, why do people keep use it and why do i?? LOL. Okay then, adios!

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