Saturday, 5 March 2011

batik's day part I

*Pic by Sad-tian

g'day mate!
the creature on those pics aren't turkey nor monkey (at least at noon, hihi..) those are me wearing purple batik blouse, blue jeans and the last ones I combine it with dark grey stripes blazer. Have u ever heard about batik? it's kinda traditional material and pattern from Indonesia, I cant explain more, just google it, but one on my blouse is just batik pattern I guess. That's an interesting one, I got it on my mom's closet *again* and that chiffon blouse is quite suitable to wear in a sunny day, even the weather went crazy which was changing into cloudy in the afternoon.
Oh ya, another thing, the brown bag, it's also has batik pattern on it and vintage design. The same concept of color I have on my slippers, I like this kinda shoes since it's a simple one, especially in my country, when u want to come inside someone's house, u should take off ur shoes. One last thing, I wear black ribbon belt and ethnic bracelets from ropes and woods. Hope u like it fellas! xo


  1. ahhh i love batik!we had to try and do a similar pattern thing when i was in school in my art class...mine was an utter fail though!

    check out my blog!

  2. oh really? I'm curious, u should show one one day :)


big hug for ur comments :-)