Saturday, 11 June 2011

dare to be formal

Pics by Zee Cris

ahoy.. now, I combine my grey polkadot sheer by Bodytalk with green unbranded satchel, brown wedges by Yongki Komaladi and put a sweet blue ribbon ring and the belt for formal events. Well, there are not so many formal events I've been attended since I'm not an important person anyway, haha.. but since first time I saw this sheer I was fallin in love, I bet someday I need formal suit so this kind of sheer is perfect one even u can wear it in informal events even hang out with ur friends, but dont wear it when you're hangin out in the mountain, lol..
my wedges are quite unique, when I wear it, it seems like not so high, but it's 7 cm, I think it's bcoz the half braid of the heels.
so, this photo session was not my usual photographer but my another friend Cris. He just learnt photography and he needed a model so that I was happy to help him since I loved to be pictured, haha.. life is just once so do what you wanna do, include being narcissistic as long as u can and no one is disturbed, LOL. So, thanks alot Cris! :) Enjoy!


  1. Great photos! I actually have similar tops like yours, mine is blue though. Love sheer tops and you look pretty :)

  2. thanks darl.. wondering to see u wear ur sheer :)


big hug for ur comments :-)